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Sport Injuries

Sports injuries occur... However, Osteo treatment can help you bounce back to your sporting code, through rehab and moving forth into injury prevention. Osteo treatment is also subsided under ACC. 


Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can prevent you from doing task of daily living. Through Osteo treatment we can help find out what is causing your pain, help reduce your pain and also give you exercises to help prevent that pain coming back. So that you can carry on doing what you need to do. 


Help with your Migraines and Headaches

Migraines and headaches can interfere with your daily life activities.  Osteo treatment can help with symptoms and help reduce the effect that migraines and headaches have on your life, helping you get back to the things you really want to do.


Back aches

Stiff neck, sore low back or Sciatica. All are common phases used to describe pains in the back. Osteo treatment can help reduce your pains and get you moblie again. 


Hip problems

Tight hips can effect your mechanics of your body. In turn this makes you walk different to how you are usually walk. Osteo treatment can reduced your feeling of tightness and improve your movement so that you have freedom to move.


Achy or tight muscles

Achy and tight muscles can impact on your life, making your joints stiff and sore. Osteo treatment can help improve your outcomes throught soft tissue massage and take home exercise focusing on mobilisation, strengthening and stabilisation.